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June 9, 2001, Ingalls Pass

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Posted by ema on 9/15/02 9:07pm
The weekend forecast called for drippy weather so we decided to head to the Teanaway region. It was the right call, it was sunny at the trailhead. We didn't encounter snow until the top of the pass, where it was patchy at best. The north side of the pass held pockets of snow, interrupted by boulders. The snow was pretty soft and we posthold 5-7 inches. The southeast facing slopes of the area between the pass and Ingalls Lake are pretty bare. There are some chutes higher up but they're not continuous anymore. We skied some short fairly steep shots directly west of the pass and then traversed east for 400 more feet of vertical. There is a sweet north facing gully (35-40 degrees)about a half mile to the east of the pass that extends for about 800 ft and is twenty yards wide. Very little snow on Stuart. Skiing may only last for one more week over here at best.

Dave Banks

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