June 29-30+July 6-7, 2002, Sourdough Chutefest

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by ema on 9/10/02 9:03pm
With the road to Sunrise opening Friday, June 28th, "Mad Dog" Morrison and I, we had it to do. The year before the late winter storms had scoured all the snow out of the north facing chutes and bowls along Sourdough Ridge and Burroughs Mountain leaving local skiers nothing to ski when the road opened.

Now, with people coming from near and far to ski some of our favorite summer stashes the next weekend we had to take one for the team and find out where Mother Nature left the goods this year. Beginning on Saturday, June 29, the forecast was for rain (didn't happen until the drive home) and the road was an hour late opening due to a mudslide, thus we were the sole skiers. We started at the east end of the ridge at Dege Peak and started working our way west along the ridge, skiing every line that still had enough snow for old people to ski. We continued the process on Sunday, skiing several chutes and circs along the ridge and climbing the 700 vf 40 - 50 degree chute we call "Fear Factor" but opting to postpone skiing it due to low visibility in the fog.

Saturday, July 6 we met Andy, Regine and three other skier friends of theirs for breakfast at Buzzy's in Greenwater, to contemplate the day's gliss opportunities. Tim Place from Bellingham joined us at Sunrise. Heading for the Ridge, we knocked out Fear Factor and some other lines and then headed for the saddle between Burroughs 2 and 3 to nail the "Courage Classic", an 800 vf 40 degree line with a rocky gate in the middle.

Sunday morning we found ourselves back at Buzzy's facing a whole new crew including Dana Dorsett from the east coast, Robie, our Matriarch, Dorothea Driggers, and Bob Nitzginger. At Sunrise more joined us, including the infamous Turns-All-Year Charles Eldridge and his sidekick Pete (see his TR for Sunday), Tim Place (animal - he spent the night there) and catching up with us before we bottomed out on the first run was Dave Wefferling from Lopez Island. We did Antler 1 and Fear Factor again (Dave poached an extra line closer to Antler while the rest of us climbed up). Then Charles, Dave and Pete headed for the Courage Classic on Bourroughs while the rest of us yoyo'd on Sourdough 1 and 2. And a Great Time was had by all. And so ends the 2002 Chutefest. Pics are available for your perusal here. See you all there next year.

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