June 24, 2001, Tour up and over Castle Saddle

Posted by ema on 9/15/02 9:27pm
Tim had considerately posted a report of good ski conditions on ttips late Saturday. That report and prior afternoon commitments bolstered our resolve to ski the Tatoosh. Weather was rain at the lower elevations, grauple and snow at the top. While snow coverage was lower than in earlier years it was adequate. We barely managed to ski back all the way to the road without deskiing or shifting to ATV mode. That probably won't happen again this year. But then I'd still rather load up for a short hike than stay home and dream about the turns. Snow conditions were stable with great conditions for booting on the steeper pitches. Light was not much for novice picture taking but if you'd like to see what the weather looked like there's a couple of the better ones at Tatoosh pics.

ron jarvis

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