June 16, 2019, - Skyline Divide

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by voyageur on 6/17/19 7:58am
One of those days where you hike more than ski…

James (who I'd met through a TAY partners post!) and I decided to check our Skyline Divide Sunday. It was a bit of a last minute idea but the latest WTA TRs seemed promising.

As it turns out, hikers and skiers have relatively different assessments of snow levels. Regretfully, we did 10+ miles of hiking for one (decent) run. Constant views of Heliotrope and Ptarmigan Ridges bathed in snow mocked us on our shuffle.

In any case, the views of Baker were astounding, and even having been up there before on nice days, I found myself saying 'this can't be real!'

The snow is good, and Hadley Peak looked great (which we skipped, also regretfully), but I can't recommend this unless you really like hiking. We saw some other recent ski tracks, so at least we weren't alone.

Hadley Peak

Our modest run
Alas, like the receding glaciers, gone are the sweet 4th of July skis on Skyline.  It's become a May objective. All-time views.
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