June 15, 2019, Steamboat Prow/Inter Glacier (MRNP)

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by jstluise on 6/17/19 1:34am
I made a quick trip up to Steamboat Prow on Saturday morning. I got up there early and moved quick since it was going to be a warm day. Patchy snow started about a mile from Glacier Basin, around 5400'. There were a couple fairly long continuous patches but I didn't start skinning until I knew for sure, and that wasn't until I reached Glacier Basin. You can still cross the river right out of the Glacier Basin camp area, though holes are developing in the snow so it may not last much longer. Just be careful. Skinning up to Steamboat Prow was uneventful and I didn't see any crevasses opening up. I started my descent at 1030 and the snow was awesome! I didn't notice it getting real sticky until I hit the bottom of the basin. Now knowing about the longer snow sections on the trail I carried my skis out of the basin and skied until I ran out of snow, making two short carries.

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