July 3, 2019, Continental Divide, Colorado

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Posted by MW88888888 on 7/4/19 8:52pm
July 3rd, 2019, Day 53
Continental Divide, Colorado

Greetings America From 12,000'!

A steady stream of happy holiday revelers was a good sign I could probably count on my "10 minute rule". In the park I hardly ever waited more than 10 minutes for a ride- the good folks from around the country (and world!) couldn't wait to hear what the skiing was like, and I was effusive to share! I know, I know, "who is this guy?", but if you could see how innocent the questions, and how I wanted to be the ambassador for the sport that all would be proud of - saying how I was actually up after work ("Can you imagine, Marv? We woke up in Tennessee in July and he's snow skiing?") and with the busy family holiday schedule, an evening ski of the snowfields was the ticket to paradise.

I told that story a couple of times to two fascinated families, and I really enjoyed sharing. Especially as you make the first turn and can see my tracks in the snowfield across the way. It's quite dramatic if told right. After decades of these rides it's become a second hobby, sharing the summer skiing sport with bewildered travelers. Why not get the best trip up to the top and really have an experience?

I try and do my best. Most of the time. Other times I'm just glad to be in the back of the pick up truck - usually with Colorado natives who totally get the hitch hike ski thing - enjoying the silence of the mountains and the roar of the engines. But all in all, I do try and be as kind as my wife would be (a tall order) in circumstances such as these.

I mean, they did just stop and give me a ride.
It is "the story" that we appreciate and the photos.

Well done. ;)

2019-07-15 21:55:08
Share the love, excellent!
2019-07-16 12:41:49
Nate Frederickson
Effusive /dreamy ...thanks!!!
2019-07-16 14:32:50
Ha.. I actually was wondering who this guy was. do recall you saying you where not very gregarious. Nice work!
2019-07-16 21:00:48

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