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July 2, 2006, Hotlum-Wintum (Mt. Shasta, CA)

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Posted by silaswild on 7/5/06 1:14pm
Self-registration is possible at Brewer Creek trailhead (20 miles from Hwy 97), so no need to visit Shasta City or McCloud.  Nice camp at 10200', just don't turn over any rocks.  Up at sunrise, off an hour later, leisurely non-technical hike to the summit without crampons or skins.  7000' of skiing to within 100yds of the car (1/2 mile from the trailhead.)  Slightly sticky corn conditions like Adams SW chutes sounded, with smaller crowds, longer drive (545miles each way.)  Much smoother and more consistent snow than Rainier sounded.
Well done Silas! That looks fanatastic... I've driven past four times now, each time thinking, "damn, I have GOT to ski that...." only 545 miles, eh?

Right On! Skied a similar line July 1. Imho an eastern Sierra or Shasta spring ski isn't complete without a soak in a hot spring or a dive into a swimming hole.

[Edit: removed non-skiing photo to keep thread to three photos total. --Charles]

Here's a gimped collage of Amar harvesting the HW.

I think that should go in his book.

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