July 13, 2002, Skyline Divide, Mt. Baker

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by ema on 9/10/02 9:05pm
Skyline Divide trail is snow-free until around 5600'. Skyline Divide is still holding a fair amount of snow, albeit a bit cupped and runneled....The warmer the day the better.....I headed out to around the halfway point, then made my way back. The best snow i found was in the true north aspect of upper Cascade Creek.(Near where the trail pops up onto the ridge.) Here is was smooth enough to really enjoy and i made two laps. Snow isn't continuous down to the road anymore, so i turned the ridge and found the trail in the forest......Nearby Hadley Pk. looked good, as long as you have a chainsaw to clear the Wells Cr. road of blowdowns....Heliotrope is holding much better quality snow.

toby tortorelli

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