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July 13, 2002, Paradise Valley, Mt. Rainier NP

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by ema on 9/10/02 9:06pm
Todd and I left Seattle about 6, a stop for food and coffee, then we found ourselves at the trail head just before 9. Skinning from the car was possible except for one short section where skis were removed. About half way a snow sluff, with some large chunks, came down in front of, and between us off a 30 foot cliff and caught our attention. Lunch was had at the head of the valley with great views all around. One run down 'The Stash' skiers right , nice line, soft snow, about 8-900 ft worth of turns with a rock or two skipping silently down the run just as we exited. The climb back to our lunch spot through a few small crevasses added some interest, Todd was up for another run while I went for rest and food. Looks like some skiers had made the run down from Anvil Rock, from what we could see it still looked possible. The run out was sun cupped, sun bowled, some 3 foot or more across, 2 foot plus deep, and runneled badly. In the few stretches of ground where the snow had just melted, Anemone and Buttercup were the first flowers to show , with hundreds of Avalanche Lilies in the trees. Not paying attention to our return route we ended up at Reflection Lakes and not the truck, how did that happen? It was a long day, 12 hours door to door, but worth the effort. The trip should be good for some time to come.

Paul Smith

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