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Jove, lake face and NE bowl

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Posted by arb on 1/11/23 10:11am

A friend and I went up Jove on Sunday looking to find less rain and more powder; we almost drowned trying to get packed up in Leavenworth it was raining so hard at my house.

We came in from the lake wenatchee side and ascended via Jove's long NE ridge so we could return via the NE bowl.  Conditions were very aspect dependent, any terrain with east-south exposure had a very firm surface crust, west-north aspects had more consolidated pow and softer crusts in the trees and skied very well with wide planks in open bowls.  There were old glide features on north aspects of jove up high and plenty of wind transport but no signs of instability on lower angle terrain.  The areas we were skiing picked up 3"-4" throughout the day.  Definitely a fun zone and deserving of a longer visit




Also, due to a gravitational anomaly we skied sideways all day.


Is there a way to manipulate image orientation within the TAY environment?

@arb looks fun! Did you access this with a sled or just skin the road? How long is the approach in winter? I'm not quite sure where the roads are plowed to.

Accessed via sled analog (tracked atv), road is plowed to just after the gravel pit from the lake Wenatchee side, so the approach is approximately 13 miles each way from that side.  Without a sled I would have come in from Smith Brook, but that would be a lot of flat skining with big skis!

The bowl used to see much high marking snowmobile wilderness poaching.  Was the evidence of that still as apparent as in the past?  it is a long way to drop in and climb out of it from Smithbrook and sad when it is rendered unskiable by deep highmark trenches after working hard to reach it.

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