January 5, 2020, Skyline Ridge, Tye Bowl

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by Randito on 1/6/20 3:43am
Skyline ridge and Tye Bowl yielded excellent skiing on Sunday. On the exit however we climbed to the upper cell tower and then descended what I'm now calling "Nightmare bowl" south of "Moonlight Bowl" We choose to avoid the steeper open slopes of Moonlight bowl. "Nightmare Bowl" did provide excellent snow and turns down to about 4600ft -- below that the trees thickened and it became "Adventure Skiing" through very tight trees to reach the PCT at 3900ft. In retrospect -- it would have been less work skin back up from 4600ft and ski out Skyline. To rub salt in the wound -- we heard another party whooping with joy at the same elevation in Moonlight bowl as we were picking our way slowly through the tight trees.

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