January 5, 2002, Hyak/Silver peak basin

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Robie on 9/11/02 9:32am
Just got in from skiing, Dorothea, Bob, Gary and I went to Hyak. Bought the nordic lift ticket (2 rides) Dorothea gets her ticket free! Skied up to Nordic Pass on left side of creek, then down to Windy Pass crossed road and continued on up to what the trail map calls high lookout. From there we headed over a soft shoulder and up into Silver Peak basin. Trees thinned out as we climbed and then up to a high spot in the basin with the ridge to right and knob to our left. Max El was 4860'. All skiing out in the open was on 3" of new snow over a very hard crust. We skied back down to below Windy Pass and then out the road along Cold Creek with the boring end. All skinning up to Nordic pass from Frog Lake either side and all in the trees was on a softer crust with new snow that was kinda trappy. Got back too late to take our second lift ride! It stayed cold all day and has not been under 32¼ for 7 days up there at 3800' or better. The east flow through the pass is a phenomemen worth looking for.

When The Pass East /Pacific West/Hyak was called Milwaukee Ski bowl, there was a ski train (Milwaukee and St. Paul line) 1937 that delivered skiers to this resort area. One option was for skiers to descend from the back area near Silver peak and be picked up by the train down to Bandara where I-90 is now.


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