January 2, 2020, Skyline Ridge, Tye Peak (5476)

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by Randito on 1/2/20 1:49pm
Don and I had a good tour here today.  Telemetry showed on 2 inches new -- but even at the pass level it seemed like more.  At the top of saddle past the lake the snow depth on top of the rain crust was about 8 inches and bonding seemed good.    Skiing the edge of the boulder field was fun -- but with care to avoid some remaining holes and drop offs.

Skinning up towards Tye Peak I managed to fracture an 8 inch deep layer from the rain crust in a locally steep slope (40 degrees) in a tree well.    Skiing SE from Tye peak was quite enjoyable with only minor surface sluffing in a couple of spots.    Tree thickness and low coverage made for "adventure skiing" from 4600 down to the creek -- crossing the creek required a bit of searching for a confidence inspiring snow bridge.  We found an existing skin track that made the climb back up fairly quick.  The ski down Skyline exceeded expectations (it wasn't a luge track littered with hikers and sledders)

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