January 19, 2002, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by ema on 9/11/02 9:44am
Original plans were for Paradise Sunday, but a call to MRNP Saturday, mid morning, found the Longmire gate opening possibly at noon on Saturday with heavy snows predicted Saturday night, and a later or possible no gate opening for Sunday. Our next destination for Sunday, Mt. Cathrine, Snoqualmie Pass, when we got to Hyak it was raining. Sat in the car and waffled between scrapping the trip or taking the two lift rides and then deciding from there. Forecast was for warming so we didn't see much chance of it turning back to snow. Finally decided to take the rides and take a look. After our two lift runs, and the snow starting to fall, the four of us were stoked so we went off the backside down to the road, took the road to Mill Creek and climbed the north shoulder of Cathrine. There was about 2 feet of new snow overnight, with more new snow falling, poor visibility, and some intermittent strong winds. Eric and Ron took turns breaking trail up into the trees. Off piste snow was deep, and a little heavier than we anticipated, we were expecting to make a lot of craters on the way back down. Turned out the snow skied reasonably well. Skinned back up to Hyak inbounds and took the groomers back down.


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