January 12, 2020, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Charlie Hagedorn on 1/12/20 1:00pm
Just a quick low-angle morning tour at the Pass.

Saw some of the worst driving I've seen in Washington on our way up this morning, and the culprits were all snow enthusiasts. When a multitude of AWD cars are spinning out, going faster doesn't make anyone safer. Indeed, one of the aggressive drivers rallied past us and proceeded to spin into the ditch.

Moderate/heavy precip on the way up the pass and throughout the morning. We were thankful to find Saturday's skintrack still discernable beneath the night's new snow, which aided trailbreaking considerably. ~80 cm pole penetration at the car became 120cm by 4k. Ski penetration was variable -- 30-50 cm?.  Snow felt dry and heavy, packed well by the first trailbreaker.

I was surprised that we couldn't get any test slopes to crack, whumpf, or move. We never entered a large start zone, as we'd ruled such choices out before we left the house.

Broke trail on protected slopes till the low vis, soggy jackets, and increasingly deep trailbreaking turned us around at 4.1k for the glide back to the car.

Snow is good.

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Charlie Hagedorn
2020-01-12 21:00:45