January 12, 2002, Heather (Skyline) Ridge, Stevens

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by ema on 9/11/02 9:35am
It stormed all day. The forecast was on target: relatively warm (ca 3000' freezing level), 6-10 inches of new, windy at the pass. We (Eric and I) broke trail to the ridge top and most of the rest of the day. We saw two other parties of two. OK skiing (except for patches of buried, rough crust), but poor visibility (blowing snow, fog). The bond between the old crust and the new was not especially good (small sloughs, propagating cracks). After six hours (5100vf, 7 miles) we had gone through several sets of gloves and a couple of extra layers, so we called it a day.

Brent H

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