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Hyak -Cherry Picking

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Posted by Robie on 4/11/23 8:30pm

Ken and I opted for skinning and turns at Hyak today.  Weird Forecast with pleasant results. 2-4" of very skiable snow over a solid base. Very little bumps from the weekend rain keeping the bump makers home we guessed. 40f and snowing? Go figure? Some sun breaks. At the most 8 skiers toiling for turns. Unsettled weather with a bit of everything including sunbreaks. No rain. We put in 4 runs 2 down backside and 2 better runs down Hyak face. 

Forecast for tommorow looks like one might get some more good skiing there.

We didnt venture out of any previous groomed area so cant say what underlying old snow is like. 



Ken Z

Sounds like convective showers. Post frontal cold air aloft over surfaces warmed from solar radiation- causing instability and thus snow showers. The cold air aloft also helps keep the ptype as snow even when the surface climbs above freezing. 

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