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Hello Winter

WA Cascades East Slopes South
Posted by filbo on 12/10/21 6:34pm

Hiked up the backside of Pigtail Peak at WP from 4500' to 6000'.   The front side at hiway level was pretty wind scoured even with the snow making.

The back side all the way up to the bottom and the top of chair 4 was pure powder and very cold.   Decided to ski the backside down and avoid the front side of the lower mountain.   Came down through Partridge and laid the tracks in the virgin pow that was about 8" of fluff.   No rocks on the backside.   Rather nice for the first day out.  All the gear worked well illustrating the need to keep things prepped up before venturing out.  Sunday could be magic.     

I don't know any of the places you named, so I'm in the dark about location, but it sounds pretty nice. Mission Ridge is brown in all directions except for the one run with man-made snow. Hurtin' fer Certain!

Must be White Pass. Sounds like you nailed the timing.

Tomorrow should be even better

Sunday was incredible, the same hike except the snow was more than double in dumpage and the front north facing side was all filled in.   Lots of touring people up there but skiing fresh snow up to the knees was the order of the day.   Resort is still not open but that should change soon.

Wow! You got the spot!

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