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Guye Peak East Couloir

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by austinblum on 4/27/22 4:49pm

My buddy John Wayne and I rode the East Couloir this morning. We were pleasantly surprised by 1-2" of fresh snow on top of a soft surface; no icy conditions. This was both of our first times riding the couloir - what a line!

The exit from the couloir onto the apron is starting to get thin. My guess is next week you might need to downclimb a couple rocks at the bottom of the couloir. Perhaps those with more experience in the area know better than I do, though.

The Commonwealth approach/exit is in great shape.

April continues to deliver :)


Looks so good.  Thanks Austin!

We wondered where you guys went down.

Guye Peak Apr 27, 2022


Photo show your up-track and what an amazing day we all had.

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