Granite Mountain

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Trevor Cichosz on 4/4/21 2:23pm

Didn't start until 3pm and the snow was wet slush, so I took my sweet time climbing.

Boot packed along the trail until about 3,100 ft., then I switched to touring mode and cut my own trail west through the trees. The snow was firm under the tree cover but once I hit the open slopes below  the SW ridge; the snow turned to nasty, deep wet sluff than kept giving way under the weight of my skins. I contemplated turning around, but decided to take a long break and wait for the snow to maybe get better with the descending sun.

I grew impatient and unstrapped from the board to test the snow under my feet. I only sunk about 12 inches with each step and decided to boot pack it the 400 feet or so until I gained the ridge which was snow free.

Once on the ridge at 4,300 ft. It was easy rock hopping to the summit. Black clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped fast "perfect timing". The snow hardened and I contemplated my options.

I came to ride the I-90 chutes but after the climb up in that wet snow, I opted for the mellower west bowl.

The wet snow was surprisingly firm on the descent


The trees


I90 chutes from the ridge


The ridge


The west bowl from granite summit


Low mountain and the denny creek valley

The south face can be treacherous in suboptimal conditions.

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