Flett Glacier for the 18yr. Link Up

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Posted by The Snow Troopers on 10/9/20 8:10am

This past September 28th, 2020, was the day to take a walk for a hopeful fresh patch of snow. If I could make this goal happen, I would have linked up 18 years of skiing at least one day in every month. I have almost let my “silly streak go multiple times over the years, waiting to the last day of the month, where the weather would to be typical windy and wet Fall conditions (walking in rain to Pan Dome, then 30 mile per hour sideways snow to cool you off 🙃 ).

The week prior to this years September deadline, I received a call from my snosk8n' friend, Brian Wilson, wanting to get some riding in as well. First a little side note about my brotha, Brian. We met back in 2005 ish and I remember him ditching the snowboard to be strapless since 2006 (I believe). A few years back we made our first journey up to the Paradise patch, to aid in his first year of riding his snoskate at least one day in every month. This trip just happened to take place 2 months after suffering a heart attack, while in the middle of a MOSH pit! He received two stints, changed his lifestyle, and got the green light to march up the mountain with me and another snowsk8er, Brayden. Anyway, back to the recent trip. I suggested taking the epic walk up to the Flett Glacier via Mowhich Lake (a very special place that I've spent time with may of my true loved ones - including Adam Roberts, who we've spent the funniest times up there). Letting Brian and Doc know we might hit it perfectly with a little fresh to fill in the "double D" sun cups. But the best part of the adventure, in my view, would be the walk thru Spray Park. They loved it, and capped off by a young bear bathing 75 yards from out last trail break on our return.

A few more pics on our newly "soft" launched site - http://thesnowtroopers.com/the-flett-glacier-for-the-18-year-link-up

I have to say, often the antics people perform to get late fall turns seem a bit contrived. This, on the other hand, was beautiful.

Excellent, it is possilble to use a mouth cam and smile.

Tim you hit this SO good! Fresh snow makes my mouth water. Oh man that looked so fantastic.
Congrats on 18 years. What a trip!

I really enjoyed this beautiful video. That ptarmigan is getting ready for a BIG winter. 

I'm impressed by how well the snowskate worked up there. Cool.

Finally made time to watch this -- love it! Spray Park is amazing and seeing bears up there is always incredible. It had been awhile since I'd heard Tiger Army, thanks for that track selection 😍

Fabulous Tim capturing the beauty of the day, conditions and of course the absolute stoke that the 3 of you had all to yourselves. riding strapless rules!!


Congrats. Heart attack  in the mosh pit😳.Crazy, what band?

Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip report!!

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