First TAY! ...count it?

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Posted by tacam0ra on 10/1/20 9:43am

First Turns All Year? Maybe!

Inspired by an early start to the season in Colorado, I decided 2019 would be the year to kick off my quest for TAY. Little did I know that 2020 had a pandemic in store. I found myself quarantined in a city with full lockdown for the month of April, so I decided not to break the rules and stayed home. Regardless of whether it counts, I'm feeling incredibly grateful for the 11 other months I spent skiing with great partners in Colorado, Washington, and California this year.

Highlights included incredible pre-Christmas pow at Squaw Valley, biking for turns in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and an epic Fourth of July whiteout on Eldorado. If this doesn't count for TAY, I guess I'll just have to keep skiing. Shucks 😜

Images that didn't upload the first time :)


Nice pics! Keep it up!

Awesome! Congrats on your 11 months/1st year of TAY!

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