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February 8, 2003, Artist Point, Mt Baker

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by RRandall on 2/9/03 3:19am
This is a report about a trip of my son's.  Mainly, it's a link to his photos, which give a pretty full picture of the snow conditions.

The snow was fairly good, considering what the temperatures have been.  Jim said it was fairly crunchy in places, but as the linked photo of the falling skier illustrates, there was some snow left which was fairly puffy.

BTW, the cartwheeling skier's identity is unknown.

Rick Randall
That's funny,
we were camped out in snow caves for an avy course right below where your son was. We had some great turns this morning after we traversed under table mountain and out and around by the Herman/Table saddle and dropped down into the basin for some great north facing powder. Although it was skied out, there was still some great terrain to cut up. Good Times

How were the cave digging conditions?  My son and I plan to camp out there next weekend.  Seems like it would be hard to dig after all the freeze-thaw we've had.
Rick Randall

The conditions were good, but some folks hit dirt when they dug, just make sure to probe some good spots up on the ridgeline. The layers were obvious, as there was a rain crust about 1 foot down, and a hard consolidated layer under that for about 2 feet. I am referring to north facing aspects only. Have fun

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