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February 6, 2003, Crystal Mtn. South backcountry

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Zap on 2/6/03 4:04am
Stopped by the Ski Patrol office to sign out and get the latest avy conditions.  Climbed to Three Way Peak basin and had the place to myself all day.  About 8 to 10" of unconsolidated powder on top of the crust.  Slopes in the shade were enjoyable.  Any slopes that were exposed to the wind had a breakable surface crust and dense snow underneath-not pleasant.  Besides the bowl, I skied the ridgeline  near "Chickens Head" in nice powder.  On slopes above 40 degrees, I would trigger surface sloughs.  Old avalanche debris is visible throughout the area.  Did not see any downhill skiers descending into Silver Basin but the bowl was skied out from earlier days.


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