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February 25, 2003, Commonwealth Basin

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by peaceriver on 2/25/03 10:16pm

Started up to the basin at the leisure hour of 930. Temps in the sun already warming though the snow remained light inder the trees. Most everthing exposed to the sun had a moderate suncrust from the previous day. Easy skinning  conditions through the trees but some of creek crossings were a bit challenging due to still absent snow bridges. Made it up to the base of Red Mt.  lots of sloughs coming off sunwarmed slopes, nothing big but a fair amount of them. Saw a boot path/track up to upper basin would have liked to continue but family responsibilities called. Nice soft turns going back down above 3500 ft. Below that the snow got a bit sticky and heavy.

Family responsibilities?! Since you're out mid-week and every weekend, I just figured your responsibility was to the snow and mountains!!  Great to hear of mid-week stuff while I'm stuck here with whining middle sachool kids. It just reminds me of how I get them out of my head - IN THE B.C.!!!...Greg Lange

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