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February 22-23, 2003, Glacier Peak, Sitkum Gl.

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Posted by skykilo on 2/25/03 8:07am
Spent Saturday hiking just over two miles, skinning until leaving the trail toward Boulder Basin, booting through cliffs and fallen trees, then skinning to above Boulder Basin. Very light snow didn't end until after dark. Awoke to a cold, windy, sunny morning. Jeff and I were able to stick to ridges and gentle terrain to the top of the Lower Sitkum Glacier to our satisfaction. I continued alone to the summit, with my confidence bolstered by well-consolidated, wind-scoured slopes above about 8,000 feet. The ski from the summit to 8,000 was fun, winding from patch to patch of leftover powder, and the Lower Sitkum Glacier and Boulder Basin provided me with some of the finest floating sensations of my life. The trip out was much easier than during summer since the skis stayed on the feet all but the final two miles.

A more comprehensive trip report with pictures will follow in two weeks at http://staff.washington.edu/skykilo/lines.html

That's quite a haul for February.
Well done.

Thanks Ron.  I think usually it would be even more of a haul, because one would have to skin most of the ten mile White Chuck River Road, but alas, there are advantages to bad snow years!

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