February 22, 2020, Holy Diver etc.

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by toddball on 2/23/20 12:16am
The number of Source Lake TH users never ceases to amaze!  Anyway, we skied Chair Peak shoulder down to Snow Lake, Holy Diver couloir on Roosevelt, and another couloir near Holy Diver.  Snow varied from unbreakable crust, to trap crust, to heavy non-crusted schmoo.  North aspects were pretty decent.  Fun tour, very tired from wallowing now though.

I forgot to put a card in my camera, which didn't stop me from snapping photos all day.  Two obs:

1. There is a lot of fat ice in right now; if you can lead WI5 you can have a great time at Snow Lake or on the NE side of Roosevelt.  Really wish I had photos to share here.

2. No surface hoar to be seen, except near creeks.
Kudos to you to accomplish the loop in such marginal conditions on Saturday!
2020-02-25 14:01:29

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