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February 20-24, 2003, Aneroid Lake Cabins, OR

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Posted by freshie on 2/25/03 3:53am
Eight of us spent five days at these rustic cabins in the Wallowa Mountains in northeast Oregon. A big dump the previous weekend and near-continuous snowfall made for nothing but smiles all five days. Cross-loaded slopes with a weak layer and stormy weather kept us off the glory runs and in the trees but there was absolutely nothing to complain about.

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The kind of trip that lifelong memories are made of.
Looks like you were pretty wise in your choice of slopes to ski, too.

10 of us spent the same weekend at Big Sheep huts. That was some of the best snow I have ever experienced. Snowy and cold the first 2 days. Sunny and Cold the last 2. We skied mostly in the trees, which was just fine with us, that was where the snow stayed cold and fluffy. We had one night where it was 14 degrees and snowing and another where it was -5 and clear. Amazing place, so much awesome terrain. Too bad the pony keg only made it through 2 nights.

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