February 17, 2020, Kendall Knob, Right side up

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Matt Kurjanowicz on 2/17/20 2:05pm
We benefited from a skin track and were able to make good time up to Kendall Knob from the PCT trailhead. We traversed several 30-35 degree slopes, using isolated features to test the snow. We couldn't get anything to go.  It was starting to set up / slab up with the sun effect. Skied bottomless back down to the trailhead. Epic conditions with right side up snow. Thanks to the folks who punched the track!

Massively different than 2 weeks ago, when it was dust on crust.
We found great conditions nearby particularly on sun shaded west as well as south slopes above 4K yesterday. I noticed that new snow that  was only slightly slabby on the  uptrack in the early morning at around 4K on a south aspect was easy to shear off of tree wells and rollovers by 3:30 as the  sun was doing its thing. Even under deep forest canopy the snow below 3500 was quite effected by warming between 3:30-4 - the 4-8" over a firm base there skied quite well ("buttery" would apply) but was clearly going to be crusty by the wee hours. I'm glad we hit it on the transitional day - some pretty sun and some excellent turns!

We did find that we were generating notable sluffs on 30-35 degree slopes above 5K on a west aspect - big enough to warrant some standard sluff management ie turning out of our line fairly often to not let the waves lapping at our feet from behind get too large.

We noticed some turns in one of the not-yet-regrown areas below Kendall Stump that points down toward Exit 52 - reminded me of when that whole area above that  nice mature forest just above the  exit and cabins there was fair game for turns (and when you could park there w/o anyone hassling you!).
2020-02-24 13:47:16
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