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February 17, 2003, Hurricane Ridge

WA Olympics
Posted by TMoate on 2/17/03 11:04pm
Broke out the touring gear for a quick trip with the Mrs. out to the Hurricane Hill viewpoint. We followed up with  some low-angle runs into the N. facing toilet bowls. 6-8" of very light powder on a firm base (where there was base). Looking over at Hurricane Hill coverage appeared "adequate" for the E-SE aspects that we could see. S run below the lodge was also holding up surprising well with turnable heavy pow into early afternoon. However, there is a lack of coverage for the S aspects at the Toilet Bowls. More snow was on the way by late afternoon. Avalanche report at the lodge was Moderate, which seemed adequate. Limited skier induced surface sloughing was observed for some folks on AT gear skiing SW-W aspects near the lift area.

For those of you interested gearheads  :) -
Karhu Lookouts, 170 cm, metal edge, pattern base; NNN-BC bindings and Alpina leather boots. Quite a bit of terrain out there suitable for this light setup.  

-Tom M.

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