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February 16-21, 2003, Roger's Pass/Baker

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by Gregg_C on 2/24/03 3:47am
Every year my teenage son Adrian (Age 15) and I  head into the mountains for a couple of father son get-aways.  Over New Years we spent five days at the Asulkin Hut and this trip was a repeat visit to Roger's Pass--or "the pass" as the locals like to say.  We stayed with friends in Golder and enjoyed a week of fantastic storm cycle skiing.  The following tours were completed at the pass:

Ross Peak.  Permit area.  Park at the Lilly Glacier Loop brook parking lot.  15 cm. of new snow over night.  A technical ascent up the east ridge brings you to open slopes that lead down into avalance gulleys directly to the Road.  1000 meter run started in small trees on a steep incline.  After a 1,500 foot pitch we nipped to skier's right into the trees for some difficult, steep tree skiing.  More fresh snow would have been helpful.  The angle was steep and there were a few cliffs to negotiate.  The trees were the better option then the scary avalance gulley.  Definately worth doing if you are an advanced skier.  Little snow cover over sun crust had us heading to this south facing slope.  

Hermit. Permit Area.  1,200 meters. Another 15 c's of snow over night.  Took a chance that there was enough snow to cover the sun crust on this southeast facing run.  The top pitch was quite fun but we started busting through to the crust about halfway down.  A fun place to go if the conditions are right.  Open glades with a few drops.  

Bonney Trees. Permit Area.  Park at Loop Brook. 10 cm. of new snow.  Adrian was finally able to join us on his split board on this tour.  He started the trip with a bad cold that wiped him out.  He watched bad movies on cbc and wished he could join us for all the great skiing we raved about every night.  Bonney trees is a fabulous place to ski.  The top of the tree triangle is a medial moraine that has steller views of the Bonney and Loop Glaciers.  The angle is moderate and the snow is usually quite good.  Every day was fun but I especially enjoyed the scenic trip up to the top of the run.  Couldn't see a lot but the skiing was splendid-two feet of powder with widely spaced trees.  We went straight down from the top of the moraine.  Halfway down we jumped a 10 ft cliff
and were rewarded with untracked snow for the rest of the run.  Adrian goaded me into following him off the cliff and I have to admit it was fun.  Highly recommended tour if you are looking for good tree skiing.

Illeliciwat Glacier. Snowing all day.  This was a hoot!  Skied to the toe of the glacier and descended the glacier and the  moraine slopes.  Lots of humps and hummocks and small ridges to negotiate. Like skiing the moguls with three feet of powder over them. A very scenic tour up the Asulkin and then the Glacier crest valley.  Trees, a couple of creeks, and big ridges and peaks.  (Not that I could see them).

Grizzly Shoulder/Hermit traverse.  (Hermit requires a permit.)  Puking!!!  What can I say.  It was a classic Roger's Pass dump.  THEY place to go when it is dumping is Grizzly Shoulder.  We made it better by descending Hermit trees for an isolated run.  Thigh deep powder with the first face shots of the week.

Grizzly Shoulder.  25 cm. over night.  Avalance danger is extreme in the Alpine.  Adrian is toast so I run up Grizzly Shoulder in an hour and a half for the sick run of the week.  The snow in the trees is deeper than I have ever seen it.  Crotch level on the descent.  My Tua 112 cross rides barely keep me up in the stuff.  My groin was aching with cold when I finished the run!!!  The trick was just to point em down the fall line and string your turns through the trees. Sick, illegal level of enjoyment.  The four Germans and I that I did the run with were speechless at the bottom.  Glazed looks were on all our faces.  Loaded up the car and headed back to Bellingham.  Saturday I rested and hung with the family.  My ever forgiving woman gives me the ok to go skiing yesterday up in the baker backcountry.  7 k of elevation with Alan Kearney at a nice stash.  900 ft. runs in consistent powder.  It was a gas making figure eights all day while the masses turn Table into a wasteland.  We stay late so my photograper friend can get some pics of me linking turns in the alpine glow with Table and Baker in the background.  Lovely conditions ended the best week of skiing ever.  Skiing seven days out of nine!

Had to go back to work today >:(.
Sounds like great skiing, Gregg.  
And a pleasent change from the negative news from the area.
Thanks for the report.

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