feb 18, 2020, Hogback at WP

WA Cascades SW (Mt Rainier)
Posted by filbo on 2/18/20 10:34am
Sunshine all day cold temps and the shin deep pow.  Went up to Hogback proper at the summit 7,000'
skied the south east and south aspects very stable conditions a few tracks from yesterday and today but all in all fresh lines everywhere.

Experienced an encounter at the summit with two skiers, a father and son duo dad in his late 30's  son about 16, neither had a pack, a shovel, a beacon or a probe.  I asked him if they were going to drop in to the bowl and they said they were going to go along the ridge more and ski the north facing aspect near where a cornice failed on Wed. and produced a large slide.  I told them about the cornice failure and watched them go along their merry way.  I thought I might hang around and watch them drop in but decided to forget about them.

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