WA Cascades NW (Mt Baker)
Posted by Snowboy on 7/29/20 4:35pm

Looking for an adventure, Jesse and I settled on Eldo. We arrived at the trail head on Friday evening and scoped out a good log crossing directly across from the parking lot. Got some sleep in the back of the car & was on the trail around 3:30am. After crossing the river a short westward shwack put us back on the climbers trail. Up we went through the forest, cruising along with only minor slowdowns navigating our planks around fallen trees and slide alder. Made it onto the boulder field before first light. Lingering clouds parted and we caught our first glimpses of J Burg and the Cascade pass area. Kept the trail runners on until we dropped onto the Eldorado glacier. Consistent skinning from there.

Crossed the football field at a good pace and obtained the East ridge before 10am. Some minor cracks opening around 8200 (rope stayed in the pack). Things were softening up nicely. Slung the skis and booted the last 300ft. The knife edge wasn't very spicy so didn't end up using the axe. The Queen of Cascade River did not disappoint with amazing views in all directions. After a quick snack we were feeling excited about the snow conditions and our prospects of dropping in from the top. 

The first turn had a little exposure to get the blood pumping. Fast smooth corn for 500'+ transitioning to small manageable sun cups at the base of the ridge. We went for a short lap on point 7733 that was nice and crusty given the northern aspect. Back down  to our shoe drop and got a few bonus turns down Roush Creek Basin before transitioning for the walk out. The hardest part of the day for me was going down the boulder field with the skis on our back. We blazed down in a symphony of scraping edges. I was feeling grateful when we got back to battling the slide alder. 

Forded across the river to get back to the car. Took a refreshing dunk in the North Fork and had a couple beers to cap off a long day. All in all got >2500 ft of skiing in July. Worth it! Quality turns and company. Lots of climbers but only saw one other skier all day


Morning light

Towards Moraine Lake



Nice pics! Thanks for the report. Looks like a good adventure.

2020-08-02 18:40:15

Two guys borrow their girfriends cars to go skiing.....


2020-08-03 03:13:19
Jesse Arroyo

Love that first shot with the valley clouds at sunrise. Looks like a great trip!

2020-08-03 23:26:18

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