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Posted by radka on 5/15/23 9:37pm

Howdy hoomans and furfrens! This is Mossy the Border Terrier.

It's been a while since I last posted here, over 2 years. I've been a bit busy chasing wabbits in the yard and traveling all over. After 3 months in Switzerland this winter where I picked up my fursis, I am back in the US, creating mayhem.

I heard from some furs that California got a lot of snow so I packed my my hoomans and the fursis and off we went to check it out. I have to say, I am quite impressed - there is more snow than I can eat in one day. My hoos are very slow with photos so maybe we can start with a couple of videos from today and then add as we go.

Today, for our first ski mounterriering expedition, we skied the Main Avy Path from the Sherwins. Apawrently, it's because we can't get out of bed and started too late that the snow was too soft right around noon when we went down. It was till fun and I did a bunch of belly slides.

I am off to sleep on moomy's head, be back tomorrow.

~ Mossy

Me and my fursis in Switzerland


Sherwin Ridge

Belly slides

The Sherwins around noon is a "fat ski day" and surfing.

Belly slides are GREAT with small legs and surf conditions. Could it be a couple "belly sliding" next to each other for a big juicy dinner?😀

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