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Dirtyface Hot Pow

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Posted by mikerolfs on 2/6/22 7:32pm

It's been exactly one month since the big snow in Wenatchee, and a whole month since us eastsider's have had any "good" skiing. And today, at Dirtyface, the powder drought ended. Jtack and I skied hot pow on the east flank of Dirtyface and it was so nice! Here is just the flavor of the skiing:

The NWAC report warned of wet loose avalanches, and we did see many of those as we drove through the Tumwater Canyon. We also experienced wet snow and roller balls (and the thermometer that hangs off my pack read 57F!)

There were lots of snowmobiles in the area. Like maybe a hundred. We met an AIARE outreach guy named Grayson. Jamie told him "we aren't really sled-necks", Grayson answered, "Yeah, I can tell" LOL it must have been our helmets!?

But the skiing was SO GOOD! Here are a few photos that try to show the quality of the day. If you can get to the east shoulder of Dirtyface in the next few days, I think you should. It was legit good skiing.

Grouse tracks on the uphill:

Lake Wenatchee beyond, half frozen. Fish Lake was fully frozen with several ice fisherman's kits visible from above

The stuart and chiwakum ranges in the background:

Glorious silver tree skiing:

We had fun skiing from the top all the way to about 150' from the sleds. The bottom bit was hot enough that skiing was tough, but not unpleasant. A really great tour after a powder drought of a full month! Really a great ski to boost our 'just hanging on' attitudes.





Looks like the snowpack was heating up. It sucks when the sledders track up the slopes. 

Nice work to finally find some good smooth snow to ski. I’m still looking!

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