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Posted by snodave on 2/5/21 12:27pm

morning was brisk, clear and sunny with dreamy fluffy powder underfoot at 4,000ft where we parked on road 2149, our car plowing snow.  Took a short cut in distance but thick brush made it much more difficult than taking the longer road approach to the trailhead.  Still not enough snow coverage to wander off trail till over 6,000ft where is was now sunny and warm and snow sticking to tops and bottoms of our skis and skins.  Made for difficult slow travel till over 7,000 and started getting wind blasted occasionally.  From a knoll just over 8,000 ft condition so varied we ditched our skis and boot packed up the summit ridge, a shallow layer of fresh snow on top and adhered to a block of ice underneath.  The ski down was way more effort than should be allowed in cascade concrete, getting back to our up-track helped.  First time summiting Diamond peak in the winter and I have tried many times.  Excited to finally complete that.  Now how will the weather be this coming weekend to get out.  On the south slopes climbing we found a solid layer underneath some wind blow affected new that was well bonded and shallow.  Had some high winds and clouds on top, otherwise a great day out.


wish i could figure out how to post a Photo?  cant seem to figure it out

Thanks for the report!

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Wow! My experience with Diamond Peak has been late summer only at the Rockpile TH. What I keenly remember is the very long road travel from Oakridge. The places where road 2149 gets close to the mountain is over 4K ft elevation. That elevation is well above the elevation I'd expect the road to be drivable. Snow covered roads start at about 2500 ft in the Mt Hood area.

First, where does one find the cahones to confidently plow a road with a car? Was it really a 4WD truck with a plow blade and winch? How long were you plowing?

Second, where exactly did you park? Your story indicates 4K ft on 2149. That's at about the point where 2149 starts at road 23 (4174 ft). And 2149 climbs from there. Is snow cover extremely low near Diamond Peak this year?

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. Please post them.

Thanks - JJS

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