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December 31, 2001, January 1, 2002, Mazama Ridge

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Posted by ema on 9/16/02 10:45pm
I, Regine, Steve, and Dominique spent New Year's Eve on Mazama Ridge. X-C skiing out towards Cowlitz Rock, then Stevens Canyon was fun on Sunday, but making turns on Catamount in the crust was a challenge because we had not used light skis for quite a while. Skied the back bowl on Mazama on Monday (not bad) the the steep slope above Paradise Valley Road--heavy but good. Monday was a little misty, but when the moon came up over Mazama the sky cleared and Mt. Rainier was beautifully illuminated as we first drank some tea, then ate hors d'oeuvres (cheddar cheese anc crackers, brie and crackers) with Bogel Petit Sirah, pate de foie gras and baguette with Chateau de Cadillac, then scallop in ginger and garlic with freshly sauteed broccoli with cous-cous, for dessert we had blackberry almondine tart and tea; a moonlit hike was was capped off with Kahlua and a visit from a Cascade red fox; we skipped the brandy and champagne and celebrate Chicago new year and went to bed. The ski out the next morning was adventurous with 40-lb packs on really crusty snow. Good Trip, tho.

Andrew Carey

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