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December 23, 2001, Red Mountain, Snoqualmie Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by ema on 9/16/02 10:37pm
This reporter and Paul K entered Commonwealth Basin on a gorgeous morning intending to visit Snoqualmie Peak. The gleaming site of Red (which was all white) drew us in along with seeing a skin track existing. The track ended at the lower level of the steep face. Skinning was challenging. With significant amounts of wind and sun crust we saw no examples of instability. Hard jumps on switchbacks yielded no fractures. Even in fluff areas well bonded. The gulleys were less crusty, but oh so steep with loong runouts. Halfway up we started booting--crust made it reasonable, other spots big sink. The summit views had some incoming clouds but were still great. For the descent certainly glad I brought the Sumos with AT gear instead of tele with the variable crust. Just required lots of attention and grunts. Even with occasional jump-type turns or big slicers got no fractures. The other significant slopes in the basin including Snoqualmie East and Lundin looked very inviting. Wonderful Christmas presen..." (NOTE: this report appeared incomplete as received)

Nick D

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