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Davis Peak from Salmon Le Sac

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Posted by PBond on 2/14/22 10:36am

Skied Davis Peak from Salmon Le Sac snow park.  Skied from approx 5,700 on ridge.  1,000ft of great corn on perfect gradient through burned forest, then another 1,000ft through still-fun snow, watching for downed trees.  Final 500ft more awkward through minor cliff band, though only had to remove skis once for a small and straightforward step.  Exit not too bad.


We used nordic skis for the couple of miles from sno-park along snowmobile trails to turn-off to Davis Peak trailhead.  Glad we did, much more comfortable.

Reading the parking signs carefully.  We were 30 minutes in when a friendly snowmobiler told us that we were illegally parked.  So we went back to deal with car, adding 45 minutes and 3+ miles.  The signs are there, but there is a gap in the key area around the turnaround.

Looking up at ski line


Burned trees


28.4 km, 07:40:18

The shot of the corn in the dead forest is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 

How was snow coverage down low? Trying to get a sense if the road to eight mile trailhead and slopes around there would be well covered. 

@eckels: Plentiful coverage on snowmobile trail from sno-park.  Off-trail everything is fully covered right now, but on thin side --- for example, fallen trees are an issue, snow depth isn't enough to smooth everything out.

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