Daniel/Hinman 5/23-24

WA Cascades Central E
Posted by MuradN on 5/29/20 2:03pm

Long time lurker to the TAY website and have been bummed to see the decline in trip reports over the past few years. I figured with the new site now was as good as any to start posting.

This past weekend we went up to Mt. Daniel hoping for some decent weather a little further east. Snow had us walking the road about a mile before Scatter Creek. The road definitely goes to the TH by this point. Continuous snow started around 4600 feet but the traverse under Cathedral Rock has some bare sections and was booted. We skied from the False summit around to the Daniel Glacier and then climbed to the saddle to drop off overnight gear. We skied two great half laps down the Lynch glacier to the top of the cloud deck around 7k. Sunset above the clouds was incredible.

The following day we descended to gain the south ridge of Hinman and an easy skin brought us to the summit. Great skiing and then mush got us to the Foss River drainage. From here a quick skin and a short rock carry got us to Pea Soup Lake and a final climb up the Lynch to grab overnight gear and exit.

Lynch Glacier Tracks


Cloud Wave


Sunset above the clouds


Climbing Hinman


Thanks for the report. That cloud wave photo is so sick!

2020-05-29 21:43:46

Great trip! Looks like you guys about skied out the Lynch Glacier!

Thanks for the report. I was wondering about the road.

2020-05-30 01:54:22

awesome!  we went up Daniel yesterday.  road def goes! sloppy snow due to heat.

do you happen to have a gpx. of your tour?


2020-05-30 05:09:06

thanks for sharing - cool shots as well. Peaks look like islands in the sky. How much longer do you think that route is in before it makes sense to haul up on the summer trail?

2020-05-30 16:40:57

sw-ash, I do not have GPX of the tour but would be happy to provide route beta if needed.


Snowboy, the route we took up is the summer route up until Peggy's Pond.


2020-05-31 01:50:53

Beautiful photos. The Cloud Wave is surreal. What sort of camera did you use?

2020-06-01 23:38:17

Reply to this TR

2020-05-29 21:03:52