Crystal South breakable crust

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Posted by Randito on 12/20/20 5:46pm

Crystal South was better than expected today.  No precipitation during the day and generally good visibility.   Breakable rain crust limited skiing pleasure,  but was OK rather than horrible.


Extended Column Test performed on North Aspect @ 5800  showed uncohesive compression failure @ 10cm depth on first from elbow blow. (Tap 11) No shear plane evident.


12/9 crust was about 50cm from surface , mostly 4 finger density,  except rain crust near surface and a couple other much thinner rain crust layers @ 20cm and 30cm.


Slight amount of new snow poorly bonded on rain crust above 6000.   Unevenly distributed,  some place bare rain crust, other with wind transported snow up to 4cm deep.  Easily sheared from rain crust.


10.2 km, 06:42:04

Way to go and get out there. I lacked the motivation to go sample bad goods...Maybe tomorrow. Glad it was netter than horrible...

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