Corral Pass

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by Grant on 1/31/21 9:38am

With the new snow coming and uncertainty of skiing conditions at other areas, we decided to do a chill snowshoe/ski forest road tour up NF-7174 to Corral Pass. Parked at the gate where NF-7174 meets the White River Trail and walked a little over a mile on the road until snow was deep enough that we were comfortable skinning. Skinned up to the corral pass campground with snow pack getting deeper as we gained elevation. Snow was bomber pow above 5,000 feet and made fresh tracks along the road. At the Corral Pass campground, surrounding lines on Noble Knob and other features looked fantastic and snow seemed stable after doing a tiny run up a small hill, but we were getting cold so headed back down. Bombed back down the road and had fun making fast wide turns on the switchbacks. Walked a mile back to the car for a cold beer. Didn't see a soul, 11 miles roundtrip, 3,000 feet, great day.




9.1 km, n/a

That looks nice! Definitely off the beaten track - kudos to you!

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