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Posted by waveshello on 6/28/21 5:31pm

Still goes to the lake! Suncups and mosquitos in play, and surprisingly firm despite the warm temps Friday night in to Saturday. I topped out around 10:15 and waited till 11:30 to drop in. Probably could have given it another 30-60 minutes to achieve fully ripened corn perfection, but some of the steeper sun softened sections were sweet. Loads of people coming up in the heat of the day as I was on my way out.


I think we met in the parking lot around 5am, you were packing k2's with skins on them. I was waiting for my buddy to show up. We were later than you, and got to watch you ski the upper bit from the moraine. With some hijinx I was able to ski to the lake! Thanks for the TR. Keep it up!

Kinda hard to beat that setting.   And they you get to go for a dip!

Mike, yes that was me! Glad to have met you, I really enjoy reading your TRs. Next time I'll leave the skins at home. Somehow I missed you on my way down, I was hoping to see ya up there. I bet you hit it at just the right time--hope you got some enjoyable turns in.

Cham, I have to confess that I ran out of time to go for a dip, which was badly needed in that heat!

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