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Cliff band N of Margaret to Twin Lakes

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by PBond on 3/26/23 8:15pm

After skinning to top of Mount Margaret, Vincent and I ended up skiing an entertainingly steep and sustained couloir/gully just below the cliff band to the N, down to Twin Lakes.  The entrance isn't obvious: Skier's R from summit, short way down ridge; side-stepped about 20" down a very steep slope, before an unnerving traverse to skier's L into the line. I've posted the GPS---even after skiing it, we didn't see an alternative non-insane entrance.  Line itself was steep, narrow, and very sustained for a few hundred feet, before opening up.  Good quality snow, though some sloughing, and slough-management required. 

Sadly no photos!

Skinned back up to top of Margaret from NW, looking for other breaks in the cliff band, but didn't see anything.  So finished day by skiing the standard glades on western flank, fun at top, light snow on crust lower down.

Overall, fun day.  Curious if others know of other entrances through the cliff band.



19 km, 06:56:50

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