Chair Peak Terrier Circumnavigation

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by radka on 3/28/21 11:25pm

Howdy! Mossy here - I am a Border Terrier and I type these trips reports with my little paws.

This was a fun walkie that I took my hoomans on, even though on Thursday night it looked like we were not going to live another day. We were coming back from my class when we saw the weirdest thing above our heads - a bunch of strange objects in the sky that were all on fire. Pawrents thought they were missiles. It was super freaky and we awaited the end of the world. Turns out it was burning rocket debris traveling through the atmosphere. Say what? Hoos should do a better job picking up after themselves, tsk tsk.

So we made it to Friday without burning up and off we went. The start was super fun because I could walk on the snow and I wasn't postholing, he he - and I am 14 lbs, all terrier! After we left Source Lake, we saw very few hoomans and no dogs. No vis, no problem - I sniffed it all out, broke trail, and all that jazz.

A few pro tips. When you step on your homan's ski tail, you can catch a little ride. The hoos like it! Then turn around and step on the tips of the hooman behind you and just stand there blocking the skintrack. They will give you a treat eventually. Repeat every few steps. More pro tips to follow.

Apparently, there was something called Chair Peak and we went around it, but who knows, we never saw it. We went across a big lake and the fog was so thick I could barely see my tail. Random hoomans appeared from the fog and then disappeared again. The snow got more powdery as we went higher so it was very important to have lunch. Actually, a few lunches. I had turkey and tripe because I like stinky stuff the most.

We did a few runs in snow and they were super fun because I got to chase my pawrents. I did many taste tests and the snow tasted like dense pow. We were about a third way down of the final run when we took a break. I got a brilliant idea. I saw daddy's open I just crawled in it and sat there. Yup. That was it for me, time for a ride back. And that's my final pro tip for you - when you are too tired to run, just crawl in a backpack and let somebody carry you.

Any more life questions? Bork me a message! 😎

~ Mossy













I want the sticker - "Mossy Would Go"

Cool poochotographs : )

Mossy is da boss!

Ha ha looks like fun.  Perfect ski dog (with short legs).  Beautifully composed photos.

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