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WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by filbo on 11/20/20 9:12am

White Pass delivers as usual.   After the rain at the beginning of the week the continuing storms brought two more feet of the cold fresh creating a fabulous cover of powder over a well consolidated base.   The skiing was as good as it gets, knee deep from 6k down to the hiway at 4500'.   Snow cats had been up and crunching down all of the coverage on about every piste the mountain has getting it all ready to groom.   Easy hiking up the cat racks and never had to break a trail.   

Wow! The opposite of my day...That sounds fantastic. I might need to look at a map...

Any highway map will do as the resort sits at the highpoint of Hwy12 at 4500ft.   I think the resort is going to open really soon as there is so much snow.

I lived north of Seattle forever, so never ventured to White Pass. Now in Wenatchee, it becomes more of a thought...

It's a bit of a drive from your town about two hours, if you ever make it up there is nearby lodging in Packwood and at the resort condos as well as a camper lot.   You have posted a lot of tr's about Whistler in the past and it doesn't look like the border is going to open any time soon, which is a shame with all the good snow up in BC.   Be glad to show you around at WP anytime.

Touring white pass with filbo is a guaranteed good time! 5 star rating!

Was up there today on the way to the east side - friggin A - it was pretty fun for the 5 hours I had available.  Never skied at the resort but may be worth checking out later this year.  

Thanks for the heads up on lodging.

Thanks for the Pass info. Ill hit you up sometime. Yes, i don't expect to be at Whistler soon. I looked up the statistics yesterday and BC has had 300 Covid 19 deaths out of 5 million people...And they are very concerned and worried...Our numbers are 6 times higher.

Alright. Checking this place out tomorrow. 

@filbo I’ve taken a gander at the map and have some ideas that I think will pan out but I’m wondering if you have recommendations for ‘can’t miss’ spots to tour?

The resort will not open until the 27th so your best bet for skiing would be to hike to the top of Pigtail Peak which is where the Great White chair deposits everyone at 6,000 ft.   From there you just think about skiing down to the base or lapping places you liked the look of on your hike up.   The backcountry is still a ways wsw from that summit and a good hike without the aid of the lifts.   It's about an hour and a half to two hour hike from the base to the summit at 6000 feet and if you wanted to go to the bc at least another hour and a half to the rim of the out of bounds and then you need to have a bit of knowlege about that area.   When the lifts are running you can go all the way back to what is called the expansion area of chair 5 and 6 and from the top of chair 6 you simply ski about a hundred feet go thru the gate and ski another fifty feet to the rim of lower hogback bowl and drop in for a little over a thousand feet of killer vertical down to Miriam Lake and either hike back to the resort for another lap or head farther back for the hogback experience.   The snow should be groomed on a lot of the pistes by now with the edges holding all of the powder.   Once the season starts I spend most of my time lapping the bc and eating lunch and drinking at the high mountain lodge before the afternoon ski, it's almost like being in Europe.   Except it's not.   Be glad to show the bc this season if you get up there and the new reservation ticket system isn't all screwed up.

Drinking at the High Mountain Lodge sounds like its something Id be adapt at!😄

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