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Posted by avajane on 1/7/21 5:20pm

4,300’ Glades


Nice, you got what you've been asking for, @avajane : )

Was the pow on the lighter side this time?

Fresh snow the last couple of days, made for nice turns from 4,000’ to 4,800’ all across the Basin. Deep enough for touring lower angled meadows with small rock and dirt base. It was still soft at the end of the day, but it was warming. My guess is that spots that haven't seen any sun will still be good tomorrow morning. If there isn't a snow refresh Friday night, soft conditions will not last for long.


The powder was quite light and easy to ski with a little speed.

Thanks for the extra info - would love to make it over there this season.

I can’t wait for it to really get good. We need more base, and then we need a cold storm to make that Wenatchee Mountain Powder. The terrain and properly spaced trees are already there.

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