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Blewett Pass Trail Work Saturday

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Posted by avajane on 1/16/23 7:04pm

As of today, there were 3 good size trees blocking road 7245. A skilled logger will be on hand with a chainsaw, but some help is needed. Meet at 9am Saturday, January 21st at the small “middle” parking area just North of the pass. Just 3 trees none of them huge - last one about a mile in and before the diagonal to Tronson Meadows. Plenty of time to tour afterwards. 

Presently there is a crust up to 4500’  or higher, but at least there is a good base, and snow is in the forecast. Help if you can.

What is "good sized"?  18, 24, 36" diameter?  Can help on Sunday and have a saw if there is a crew going in then, booked on Saturday.

Probably 24”. Just working on Saturday. There is a facebook group called tronson non motorized trail workers. Join up with that and we can meet up some other time. Fall is when most

work parties are set up. But then after every big storm…..Thats why the roads and trails are usually cleared. FS does not do it.

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