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Blewett Pass - More than enough!

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Posted by mikerolfs on 1/2/22 6:40pm

James and I visited an area that Avajane has posted about in the past, and that the landowner is sensitive to further advertisement, so I'm just going to refer to this area as "west of the road, and north of the pass". The lowlands of blewett on the north side of the pass are filled in better than the top! We skied from 2600' to 5000', and had adequate to perfect coverage the whole way. Every rock we hit was minor.


approach bridge

Top bit

Not terrible views:

Forest skiing:

Powder to the parking lot!

Spread Eagle Meadow!




So glad you called and I got to answer. What a great day to get to ski the whole run! That skin track should be kept open for the next week with the forecast we have! Beautiful pictures and fun meadow skiing!

That area will often get more snow than the pass as it is closer to the Enchantments and where the big storms sometimes stall. Doesn't always happen, but when it does it’s special!

Nice MIke! looking like a good week for some low land shredding!!

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