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Blewett Pass is “In”

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Posted by avajane on 1/8/23 6:00pm

A very nice and soft 7-10” of powder covered the lower ski slopes and meadows of blewett pass today. Weather was close to freezing all day with very light snow, no wind, and great visibility. There is a solid base. As I had a knee replacement around the end of September, i did not venture on the higher/steeper slopes. After skiing low all day today, I’m quite certain that the Talus slopes should be in as well. A certain “Ridge” a few miles to the north should be going off right now as well. I could likely go Tuesday and “trail breakers” would be nice…When these spots are deep enough - and soft - they have to be skied!

Blewett Meadows


The lower meadows were all untouched and deeper than I imagined.

Avajane, love to ski with you and do some of the trail breaking. Give me a call at 206 nine nine two 6782. Thanks, Skip 

Blewett indeed was in on Sunday. It was also the most reactive storm snow I've ever seen! Nearly every little roll near 30 degrees was sliding on a weak layer of facets about 16 inches down. I never have triggered so many D1-1.5s in my life! But the snow depth is looking great and we didn't hit a single rock. It's looking good!

Was waiting for a Blewett report.  good for you and the knee.    Getting consult on my replacement

this week

Love to find new partners Skip. I heard about all that reactive snow up there. I read the NW observations. Absolutely nothing moving at 4600’ where I was easing back into untracked snow. Funny I was warning the groups going up about coverage in the Talus, but now we know that wasn’t the issue.


i went to Mystery Ridge (a few miles north of Blewett Pass) for a couple hours this afternoon and there was a thin crust under 1” new. This sat on 12-16” of medium density snow with a thick ice crust below. Below that was another foot with a few inches of mush at the ground. This was from 2500’ to 3400’. Skiing was bad, but not atrocious.. My thought is with a good track partway up someone could get to 5200’ and find good snow…they could also find bad Avy conditions. (There are routes less than 30 degrees down…Then a real warm up comes followed by more snow so who knows what the weekend might bring.

Bad turns on lower Kings


Didn’t kick turn or fall…

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